Secret London

Secret London
Where can you find monsters in Trafalgar Square? Whatever happened to Bedlam? Where can you praise God, buy meatballs and have a sauna? What’s in the House of Dreams? To which secret society does Prince Charles belong? What’s the trick to instant weight loss?
Secret London, an unusual guide is the original and still the best of all the many alternative London guides: accept no imitation. Authors Rachel Howard and Bill Nash have prowled the city streets, seeking out the hidden, eccentric and overlooked. Now the definitive insider’s guide to London has been fully updated, with over 40 new entries and a brand new look.
Far from the crowds and the usual clichés, London still reserves any number of hidden treasures for those who know how to wander off the beaten track.
“The best guide to alternative London ever. An essential purchase” (The
“A fascinating London guidebook. Simply brilliant” (The travel
“The most interesting guidebook I have had the chance to pick up in years” (Globalista)
“An insider’s look at some of London’s best-kept little secrets” (MSN Travel)
 “A wonderful book” (Glen Baxter)

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